Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back at Home

When you're alive,
not only emotionaly but physicaly,
when what you are,
is still there,
And when you arrive,
your family puts a smile on their face,
and grain is put to your lips,
love embraced in your arms,
an embrce that is such a bliss.

When Pain Hits You...

When pain hits you,
it feels like a bullet on your soul,
not only physicaly, but emotionaly,
you cry,
but the battle inside,
is nothing compared to your eyes,
fear, that cascades in tears,
and forgotten love,
but you must look forward,
and believe in yourself for what to do.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Now that I know it hurts so badly,
that I used to love you oh, so, gladly,
without a care in the world,
that you were seeing another girl,
when I'd heared rumors, I feared,
but now all I am is teared,
pain, cry, as water cascades down my eyes,
This is what is tearing me apart,
the shake, the tumble  of my heart.


You are just so ugly any day,
I might just pull now, away,
you're such a hideous creature,
sitting on the bleachers,
dreaming of being not ugly,
but lovely.

World Peace Poems

The world is full of hatrid,
hate, cruelness and no heart,
the world is torn apart.
It will not be like this forever,
If we fix it together.
by valeria

Important Things

The important Things about windows is
that you can look out of them.
It's like a framed picture with several sections.
But doesn'tt has a picture in it.
But the important thing about windows is
that you can look out of them.

      by Amanda